Effective ways to remain motivated.

Ankit Wadhwana
3 min readOct 18, 2019

Lately I was finding it very difficult to remain motivated which was affecting me in a bad way. It was taking me longer to finish a project and even the daily tasks. I was procrastinating on almost all the things and was trying to find motivation from somewhere, but didn’t exactly know where

One of the reasons why I’m writing this article is also cuz I found that it’s not only me who’s struggling with it, there are many people like me who are trying to find their motivation but don’t know where.

I’m going to write down what worked out for me. Not necessarily it has to workout for you but you can try to relate to and resonate with the following.

  1. Stop looking outside.
    Only when I started looking within myself, I realised that how badly I underestimated myself. We are full of energy and potential, just waiting to be found. Spend time with yourself and know yourself better, live the solo life and find yourself first.
  2. Define a goal/vision.
    It could be anything from a new home to that summer body you always dreamed of or improving your skill set and becoming better at something.
    Have a clear picture of it in your mind, or else it would be difficult for you follow/achieve it.
  3. Keep your priorities straight!
    As helpful social media could be it can also set you back. Rather than looking at others achievements and visualising yourself in their shoes, write/talk/post/share about your story on how you’re working on your goal.
  4. Baby steps.
    Now that we are all set to go it’s time to make that run. I remember making that 7km run on my very first day of cardio training and regretting it the next day. Trust me you don’t want to make this mistake. Irrespective of your goal, you need to break it down into small steps.
  5. TO-DO mantra!
    This is the one thing which we all need to do ASAP !
    Now that you know that you’re starting with small steps, write down the tasks you’ll do for the day. This should be done as soon as you’re starting with your day. And once you’re done with the things, put a tick mark besides them. By doing this I do to bed with satisfaction and get up everyday with motivation to mark them all !
  6. Take water breaks.
    I think I don’t need you to tell you that up-to 60% of our body is water. But what you do need to know is the brain and heart are composed of 73% water. So after an hr or two, I have started taking random 5 minute “water breaks” throughout the day to just stop what I’m doing, stand outside, and think — and I’m really enjoying it. I think others might enjoy it too.
  7. Follow a hobby.
    I loved sketching since I was a kid and me and my brother grew up spending a lot of our free time sketching/painting during our vacations but as I grew up I gave up sketching since I was not as good as him. But now I’ve realised that I love doing it and I’m not competing with anybody.
    So sometimes I chill out by doing random sketches or playing some video games. Great stress busters.
  8. Let the beat drop.
    Music is something which I connect to deeply and enjoy it thoroughly as music doesn’t require a language. I can’t step out without my earphones may it be for work or workout. Personally I like Heavy Metal, Lo-fi beats, R&Bs & Indie folk. Find your genre and dive in !

For the metal heads, here is my playlist.

To sum it up you got to decide what works out best for you and continue following it. I use the 21/90 rule — It take 21 days to create a habit and 90 days to create a lifestyle. Hope you enjoyed reading this.